BioVie 14-day Cleanse

Complete diet and lifestyle support to help your body gently detoxify, balance blood sugar, shed some extra pounds, and feel great!

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Your 14-day program includes:

  • Complete program guide (hard copy & digital)

  • 28 detox protein powder packets for twice-daily smoothies

  • 28 clinical-grade supplement packets containing nutrients to support detoxification, energy production, and proper metabolism

  • Smoothie shaker bottle

  • Access to an exclusive wellness app that provides you with daily meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and the ability to track your diet, movement, symptoms, sleep, hydration, and more

  • Daily reminders and inspiration through your wellness app

  • Communication with me, your nutritionist, via messaging in your wellness app, so you can ask questions any time

The program support is FREE; you pay only the cost of your cleanse kit* (which includes your 28 meal-replacement smoothies, 28 supplement packets, and shaker bottle.)


*Order your cleanse kit directly through the wellness app. It will be delivered to your door in 2-3 days, and shipping is free!


to join the 14-day cleanse

*Purchase your detox kit , including smoothie powders and detox supplements, through the wellness app. Details to follow!

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